Financial Advice

How can I make sure the people I care about will be secure financially?

Financial security initially comes in the form of insurance -- life, disability, health and long-term care. It is crucial to also make sure the appropriate amount of personal liability insurance is in place. If you have anyone depending upon you in your personal life or business, insurance is the first line of defense against risk. Additionally, adequate liquid savings, diversification of assets and smart money management are crucial.

It simply doesn't make sense to approach divorce any other way. As a CDFA, Day Financial can work with both parties or just one spouse to make sure the divorce decree and other documents are done correctly from a financial standpoint. We will take into consideration all that is best for children involved as well as the future ramifications of any financial decisions made during the divorce process.

How should I structure debt?

Debt, or leverage, can be an excellent tool for an individual or business. But too often it is abused to the point of jeopardizing financial security -- not to mention the mental stress debt causes. Day Financial can help clients make smart choices with regard to debt by taking time to make the right decisions and by projecting payments into the future to make sure that they fit into your cash flow -- even during uncertain circumstances. Mortgages, credit cards, business loans, personal lines of credit are all financial instruments that need to be obtained carefully, to ensure that quick repayment is highly probable and the interests of the borrower are protected, as well as those of the lender. We will help you to protect your assets and interests while at the same time achieving your goals with the appropriate debt structure.


"They helped me understand the need for the disability insurance and then helped me set it up in a proper way."

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